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Fancy Thermos Mugs


Camera Lens Coffee Mugs
 Camera lens mugs are the most representative among our products. It’s design takes the inspiration from all ....
Self Stirring Coffee Mug
We're genuinely enthusiastic about the Self-Stirring Mug! We have five types of Self Stirring Mugs, which designed ....
Rotating Makeup Organizer
The rotating makeup organizer is a great tool for cosmetic organizing, the design of 360 degree rotating, make the ....
Fancy Thermos Mugs, Travel Mugs
The fancy thermos mugs are made of eco-friendly plastic and stainless steel with fashion design, they are designed of...

Camera Lens Coffee Mugs

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Self Stirring Coffee Mug

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Rotating Makeup Organizer

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Fancy Thermos Mugs

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Travel Mugs

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  • A great gift for Christmas


    A great gift for Christmas:Looks and feels just like an actual camera lensPerfect for keeping hot drinks hot on the go, these lens doppelgängers are outfitted with easy to clean, heat preserving, stainless steel lining.

  • How do you think of Table Cup Holder Clip?


    How do you think of Table Cup Holder Clip? This is a very clever cup clip. Let's introduce it.....

  • How to distinguish the quality of our lens mugs


    How to distinguish the quality of our lens mugs Many buyers tell us there are some other suppliers provide with much cheaper price, we don't wanna say their quality is worse than ours, maybe there are some with good quality! While we'd like to let you know how to distinguish the quality of our camera lens mugs!!! 1. The stainless steel inner is much thicker, it’s about 40s thickness; 2. The red circle at the mug rim is made of plastic, not printed; 3. The non-slip silica gel is machine-pressed smoothly; 4. The most important point is that our lens coffee mugs are printed clearly, and not fade easily.

  • About our camera lens mugs


    About our camera lens mugs Camera Lens Mug is our main product, while seeing from our camera lens mugs for the first sight, you may not know the difference between them. Well, here we’d like to talk about the difference. Firstly, let’s talk about 24-105 series camera lens coffee mug, 28-135 camera lens coffee mugs and 70-200mm series camera lens coffee mugs. 24-105 series Camera Lens Mugs

  • Maintain Method


    Maintain Method Many people do not know how to use 304 Stainless Steel when they get the mug ? Why is it rusty? Mug liner polishing, polishing sand to use magic, magic sand is easy to rust, be sure to clean before use. 4 Steps to let you stay away from them: Step 1: Clean the mug before the first use Step 2: Keep the interior dry, if long time no use. Step 3: Keep the mug clean and dry after using, to again peculiar smell. Step 4: Using impure water may leave red sports similar to rusty,add vinegar dilutes with warm water, soak for thirty minutes, then wash it.

  • Why choose 304 Stainless Steel?


    Why choose 304 Stainless Steel? What's 304 Stainless Steel? 304 grade is the most common form of stainless steel used around the world. It has a high resistance to rust. It withstands corrosion from most oxidizing acids and is often used for kitchen and food applications. 304 stainless steel we use to make Steelys cups and bottles.It is an ideal corrosion-resistant material that will withstand long-term exposure to the environment. It’s the best-performing and most practical choice for long-life drinkware.So we use to make Steelys cups and bottles.

Camera lens mugs are the most representative among our products. It’s design takes the inspiration from all kinds of camera lens, such as 24-105mm series camera lens mugs, 28-135mm series camera lens mugs,70-200mm series camera lens mugs and so on. 


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